My plan for making AI simple, not complicated, for the millions of business software users that learn to co-exist with thinking machines and software robots.

A practical case study exploring ticket triage implementation options and the actual machine learning implementation using the platform.

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Small AI is the next big thing in RPA. See my talk on-demand, check out the slides with some further reading links from this collection post.

The stage is ready! Photo by me.

Machine learning becomes vital in more complex RPA workflows. Follow the simple checklist to see if helps with your next RPA use case.

The way a data scientist do things is radically different from RPA developers, creating a 10–100x gap in “AI to RPA fit”.

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Tommi Holmgren

20+ years of SW and tech leadership. Two startup exits. Now building next-generation machine learning tools for RPA developers at Used to travel a lot.

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